Continuous study and updating of the subjects managed, dynamism and flexibility allow Sintattica SeT to meet the needs of its clients and respond to changes in the market.

Making strategic decisions with precision is increasingly important in a rapidly changing global economic environment. The company is committed to helping clients move quickly to take advantage of new opportunities, drive growth and manage innovation correctly. know-how, have allowed Sintattica SeT to coordinate and integrate, in a modern and dynamic structure, the specialised knowledge of the professionals who work in the company.Sintattica SeT is able to offer its clients a wide range of services and consultancy: - Asset management and enhancement (both real estate and financial); - Financial consultancy; - Consultancy for the optimisation of the asset base; - Consultancy for the management of the asset base. Translated with (free version) core business business (organisation, strategy planning and provision of tools); - consultancy facility management di Enti ed Aziende;

MISSIONCrescita - be able to adapt to different market situations.Openness to change - understand different organisational cultures.Excellence - orientation towards improving our services.Reliability - respect for time and rules.Professionality - based on serious and precise expertise.
Determination - willingness to achieve objectives and to satisfy the customer.